Re-Open New York for Business?

Make Your Voice Heard!

  • As we continue to deal with the devastating health challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial impact of the shutdown is hurting working families, seniors, businesses, and municipalities all across our state.

    Yesterday, Rockland County began Phase 1 of Governor Cuomo's plan to re-open New York State. But for too many businesses it isn't happening fast enough.

    As a result of the partial shut down, more families will continue to suffer severe economic consequences, more businesses will stay closed permanently, and municipalities will be forced to choose between draconian cuts and sky-high property tax increases, or both!

    The original intent of the shut down was to "flatten the curve" and avoid our hospitals being overburdened and understaffed. But with no vaccine available in the immediate future, despite the heroic efforts of so many, this partial shutdown has the potential to continue in perpetuity.

    It's why now more than ever, I believe the people should have a voice in this critically important discussion and have a say over how we move forward as a community.

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