Demand the Resignation of Governor Cuomo’s Parole Board

Demand the Resignation of Governor Cuomo’s Parole Board

For too long, Andrew Cuomo’s Parole Board has been releasing unrepentant cop-killers, child rapists and murderers, and deranged violent criminals. They are a disgrace!

On June 2nd, they decided to release Robert McCain, a man who sexually assaulted and killed Paula Bohovesky, a 16-year old child who was walking home from work at the local library. This, after releasing Paula’s other rapist and murder, Richard LaBarbera, just one year ago.

Have the members of Cuomo’s Parole Board no shame or decency? Do they not recognize that some crimes are too heinous and some criminals too depraved to warrant parole?

It’s why I introduced “Paula’s Law,” which would prohibit anyone convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering a child under the age of 18 from being eligible for parole. We can never let this happen again!

It’s way past time for every member of the Parole Board to resign in disgrace. If you agree, sign our petition and tell Andrew Cuomo’s hand-picked Parole Board to resign immediately!