Sadly, New York has become the toughest state in America in which to live, work, and raise a family. And with the complete, one-party takeover of the State Legislature in Albany, it’s only getting worse.

We are the highest taxed state in America and Rockland County pays the second highest property taxes in the nation. It’s outrageous and it has to stop.

As our Assemblyman, Mike will be an independent voice for Rockland County, fighting every day on behalf of our families and working to address the issues that matter most.


Mike will reduce our tax burden by fixing the unfair state school-aid formula and introduce legislation that requires the state fully pay for and run our Medicaid program.


Mike believes education is a fundamental right and that every child should have a quality, affordable education. He’ll fight to increase funding and improve standards.

Jobs and Opportunity

Mike will promote our educated workforce, proximity to the city, and cost effective commercial properties to attract jobs and investment in Rockland County.

Public Safety

Mike will scrap the dangerous “bail reform law” by ensuring dangerous criminals stay behind bars and allowing greater judicial discretion when administering bail.

Responsible Development

Mike will preserve open space; protect our natural resources; invest in infrastructure; and empower municipalities to enforce their zoning laws and codes.

Term Limits

Mike will fight to pass a statewide term limits bill that caps the Governor at two 4-year terms and State Senators and Assembly Members at five 2-year terms.